Lesbian Dating Tips and Advice

dating lesbians

In a very patriarchal world, it’s not easy to navigate dating other girls. Meeting other girls interested in girls, expressing your interest in them with something more than platonic, and really jumpstarting a relationship, in general, are all hard things to do when you don’t feel prepared or confident enough about it. But putting yourself out there into the right circles can really make a difference in your love life.
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How to Go About Dating Multiple People – Men, Women, and Anyone In-Between

dating multiple people

Whether you’re polyamorous or simply not in a place in life where you want to be coupled up with only one person, you should be able to find the kind of relationships that work for you, just like anyone else. Sometimes people don’t take that outlook as seriously as others, and when it’s not one that’s easily understood, relationships can deteriorate, trust can be lost, and a lot of feelings can get seriously hurt.

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Is Sex on a First Date a Relationship Killer?

It’s hard to ever know what to expect when going into a first date. There’s always a chance it could be a flop, but it’s a lot more enjoyable when you hit it off. So you’ve met a great guy online and agree to a date with him. You’ve met up and immediately there’s a connection; what kind of connection remains to be seen, but right from the beginning, there’s chemistry. A physical chemistry that makes you want to head straight to the bedroom. Is it a good idea? Continue reading