5 Flirting Tips That’ll Take Your Online Game to the Next Level

Here are 5 flirting tips that’ll make you an expert online, because flirting through the internet can be even more successful than face-to-face interactions if you have the right charm.

Ask Questions That Don’t Encourage “One Word Responses”

Keeping the conversation going is everything when it comes to how you flirt online. When you ask a question, be sure that it won’t earn a “yes” or a “no” response but instead encourage them to expand on the question. “Did you like [insert city]?” will kill a conversation, while “What was your favorite part about the city?” will give them a chance to share more, providing more keywords to pick up on and get the conversation moving.

Ask the Unusual Questions

“What’s your favorite color?” is as bland as it is useless. Asking about their job or hobbies is better, but also rather generic. The key to flirting online is making yourself stand out, since you only have text to make that great first impression. Instead, ask them questions like “What would it take to make you go sky diving?” or “If you were to win a million dollars right now, what would you do with it?” How you go from flirting to dating depends on how interesting their response is.

Emoticons Go a Long Way

Is teasing flirting? Is that sentence bland? A comment can be transformed with a simple emoticon. Since others can’t see your expression or hear your tone of voice online, emoticons bridge the gap so you can convey how you really meant that sentence. Don’t go overboard with the smiley faces, but inserting them in every third or fourth message will give you character.

Give Compliments

How to be a great flirt lies in one secret: Everyone likes having their ego stroked, both with online and offline first date flirting. Be sure to compliment their writing style, their opinions, their sense of humor, or something you noticed in their profile. Feel free to add a few winking emoticons along the way to get your point across: you’re interested, and you like what you see.

Always Strive For Confidence, Not Shyness

How to flirt with a guy online? How to flirt with a girl online? It all comes down to confidence. If your tone seems passive, you’ll seem uninteresting. Instead, type out sentences that are confident and certain. If you don’t like a certain band, don’t be wishy washy in saying you’re “kinda okay with them, idk.” Instead, state your opinion strongly but add a little humor to give yourself personality.

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