5 Unique Places Where To Meet Single Women You Never Thought

If the movies has taught us anything, it’s that you can meet women almost anywhere. We mean like anywhere. Unfortunately, for the real world, it isn’t always that easy – especially if you’re not sure where to meet single women and not get rejected because they don’t want to be bothered.
Well, dear fellow, you’re in luck! We’ve got a collection of some pretty unique, movie-worthy places of where to meet single women; some of them may even have you smacking your head because it’s so obvious!

Community Sports Teams
There’s nothing like meeting a woman who loves to get down and dirty, but not necessarily the way you think. Even though high school may be long gone, there’s nothing stopping you from joining a co-ed community sports team! You can show ladies that you’re chock full of testosterone and you’re quite the team player. If you meet someone you really fancy, you can swing the game so that her team wins!

The Break Room/Area
Whether you work in an office, a retail store, or outdoors, chances are you’ll have some female coworkers. While you may not be able to comfortably hit on these ladies while working, there’s nothing stopping you from striking up a conversation while on break. You can bond of the “love” of the job, share a cigarette or snack, and make a connection. Just make sure you aren’t bad mouthing the job to the boss or someone near the top! Oops!

Karaoke Night
Guys, let us fill you in on something. If you don’t take yourself so seriously and know how to laugh at yourself and have a good time, women are going to be drawn to you like a magnet! The best places to do this is by going to karaoke night at your local coffee shop or bar. There’s something incredibly charming about a man who can belt out Shania Twain’s “Feel Like a Woman” like a champ!

Trivia Night
It’s interesting how many places host trivia night once or twice a week. By checking out these types of events, you can wow the ladies with your wealth of useless knowledge. You’d be surprised by how many are drawn to men who know more than just sports!

Art Galleries/Public Art Sculptures
When it comes to trying to figure out where to meet single women who are cultured and have an artistic streak, you cannot go wrong by chatting up a lady at an art gallery, museum, or even in front of a sculpture in the middle of the park! To start a conversation, you can ask her opinion on the piece, ask her how she interprets it, and what she thinks the artist was trying to convey. The best part is, you can skip over the small talk and get to the interesting conversations quickly and effectively!

These are just five great and unique places to meet women, but there are many more. Leave us a comment below and let us know where are some of the unusual places you’ve been able to meet single ladies!

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