There’s something childish in adult dating that makes men act like boys.

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Is it always easy to speak out when you’re in love? As for me, I still think that women usually feel more comfortable with making declarations of love in spite of all those crazy who-should-do-it-first beliefs widespread in modern society. It’s not that most guys today can’t switch to a gentleman mode when it’s necessary but sometimes it’s quite hard to get sensitive, understanding and gentle at once. You got that right, being in love may cause some troubles for inexperienced hearts. On the other hand, when it comes to so called Free Love embodied in local sex hookups, you don’t need to tie up with being Mr Perfect to catch a chick: nsa sex stands for pure voluptuous pleasures only!

However, even short-term relations make some grown-up folks feel kinda nervous which affects their behavior in very interesting way: adult men often act like children when they fall for hot dames. I really hope that evolutionary biology has an explanation for this phenomenon cause most behavior patterns human males demonstrate when trying to win females’ hearts (and not only hearts!) remind me of consort behavior you can observe in wild nature. Still in doubt? Well, let me refresh your memory then an give you a few most common examples:

Playing a peacock. In other words, when you see a hot chick you’d like to bill and coo with men’s nature tells you: “Pssst, dude. Charm that innocent thing with your awesomeness; tell her what a great person you really are…” To put it short, every time you’re in company of a nice looking woman, you start boasting of your best sides.

Putting down potential rivals. At first glance there’s nothing childish in trying to focus Her attention of your person, but the very zest here is the way men often do that “intraspecific fight for a lady:” to prevent potential sex mate from dating other males, they tell nasty stories about possible rivals to make qualified fools of poor lads.

Being a foulmouth. To be more specific, telling dirty jokes to your girlfriend-to-be. Some experienced women state that when a man makes dirty jokes a part of his “love repertoire” it means the main thing He eagers for is wild, passionate SEX. Sounds fair to me…

Tickling. IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with that: if you want to have a good time with a hot toot, you may want to “get physical.” So tickling is like a pregame that can be followed by kisses. Anyway, all that tickling-before-kissing may remind you of good-old high-school days. Ah, memories…

Making fun of her. It is believed that little boys treat girls rough to show their sympathies. Weird but true! Just like in the primary school, some grown up boys give their potential love mates the ha-ha to say: “I like you, babe!” The only difference here is that adult boys are not allowed to put adult girls’ pigtails. What a drag!

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Staring down. As you know, staring is generally unaccepted in modern society. But when it comes to a pair of sweet “leggies” we really like, we just can’t help it! Although that staring down can be considered as an immature habit, there’s nothing wrong in “locking target” you want to share a couple of spare hours with. 😉

I guess, all we, gents, act like naughty little devils from time to time. Is that a crime? Not at all, especially when our discipline problems can be explained by Principal Love!

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