Fake or true? Let’s have a serious “adult sex talk” about her Big O.

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As you, guys, know, tricks of various kinds make the main component of female nature. It’s not that girls were made to stuff boys at the first opportunity, not at all. The truth is women just love playing games with us, men, cause we usually pretend to be so damn serious and confident about the whole mess of things that happen ’round. Frankly, I think that behavior is one of those key points that make chicks so attractive and mysterious in our eyes. Especially when it comes to adult dating intrigue!

Still, there’s a sort of tricks most of us would like to avoid doing in our bedrooms. To be more precise a trick that’s well known to almost 70% of sexually mature women, and 25% of adult men. You got that right, it’s orgasm faking I’m talking about! Simulating in most cases leads to troubles: it’s always unpleasant to realize your sexy partner isn’t completely sincere with you… Ex altera parte, when your girlfriend just pretends to be satisfied with your sexual performance she may try to save your face. So, next time you

  • hear mechanical moans;
  • don’t feel her Pubococcygeus muscle grasping your “wood;”
  • see no difference in her breathing rate “before and after”

you may need to have a serious WTF-talk with your girlfriend to get rid of artificiality in your relationships.

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She fakes it, cause…

She doesn’t actually know what Big O feels like. Although it may sound weird to you, female orgasm is that thing your love mate needs to learn. You see, in opposite to most men ladies feelings vary a lot when it comes to climaxing: some chicks report a hot wave of sweet delight, others feel just tender tickling inside. In other words, give your babe some time to understand what her orgasm really is.

She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Let’s face the truth, fellas: your performance just can’t be outstanding every time you roll in hay. Your babe knows it for sure but she’s careful enough to make you feel upset. That is why your tender lover may play up to you just to make things in your relations to keep going…

Whatever the reason, to resolve that pesky “fake-or-not” issue you need to stay open to your sex partners’ needs. Try to experiment with your sexual life together, explore every inch of your girls bodies, and talk, talk, talk about it!

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