Circumcision and adultdating delight: is it so necessary to “snip your tip?


It may seem incredible, but America (USA to be more specific) seems to one of those countries where circumcision is absolutely normal, but… In opposite to Muslim, Jewish or African traditions, US men don’t actually have a good cause for snipping their tips! Moreover, even today we still have tons of close-to-medieval believes and myths concerning health benefits of circumcision. Funny, isn’t it?

What do they say about the Great Penile Upgrade?

Actually, there’s the whole mess of “assumptions and thoughts” concerning the reasons why people actually do “that thing” but most of them are nothing but pure guess-work. They say men’s love-making tools get +5 to their functionality and stamina with their foreskin cut off. What a bull! I know a couple of true lady-killers whose experience in local sex dating can be considered as more than successful (which makes me feel kinda envy every time I listen to their “hunting stories”), and no one of them dares to “trim” his “wood.” Why? The main reason here is that without a foreskin penis loses much of it’s sensitivity which deprives a man of some serious adult fun!

As for other popular myths you can hear or read here, there, and everywhere in the Adult Web, let’s take a look at the following ones:

It decreases the risk of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). Hey bud, there’s quite cool invention made not so long ago, that is able to fix that creepy UTI problem once and for all! Of course you know about it cause it’s Shower that makes your body stay cool, fresh, and infection-free. Yup bro, regular shower prevents your “tinker” from messy problems even better than oldschool circumcision does.

Circumcised penis is less susceptible to STDs and even AIDS/HIV. I wouldn’t say so: in the eighties-nineties, during the great AIDS epidemic in the USA, something about 85% of grown-up men had their tips snipped… In other words, foreskin trimming doesn’t prevent careless jerks from serious troubles. Amen!

Everybody does it! Perhaps, this one is the most common (as well as the craziest one) reason why most US men prefer to have bald-headed “wieners.” Ok, here comes the fact: only about 30% of men all over the planet are circumcised, and most of those happy fellas are Muslim. As for the USA, just 25 years ago about 85% (!) of baby-boys were “trimmed.” Now, it’s about time to think about REAL reasons why we actually do this in XXI century! Though, the following short video from “Adam Ruins Everything” series provided by CollegeHumor channel gives quite reasonable explanation:

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