Age, sex drive & adult sex dates: things change a bit every time we get older

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They say, everything in this beautiful world comes to it’s end, and sex dating is one of those extra pleasant things that come to an end faster than others. But is it really so?

Truth to tell, there are some specific sex drive changes most men and women feel after 35-40: our libido gets affected by many adverse factors such as stress, work-related negative emotions, lack of sexual desire, side effects of drugs, and so on. In other words, you have the whole bunch of reliable sex drive killers to choose from.

As for men’s sexual health, it changes constantly after your 20. Though, changes you can face after your 20 could seem marginal: no more wet dreams, masturbations get less frequent, the angle of erection changes a bit – most adult men usually don’t pay attention to those trifles. However, time spins away, old age comes on apace (well, 50 isn’t that thing I would call “old age,” but many lads feel weird in their bedrooms after their 40-45). When you are 40-50, you may face such “novelties” as need for direct stimulation to get a boner, and not only that: the very erection may get not full and less firm! In the same time the force of ejaculation as well as the amount of your jizz may go down… Impressive look-out, eh? Still, there are no reasons to despair and fear of maturity!


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Believe it or not, but all changes we MAY face while getting older are absolutely natural and happen little by little. On the other hand, many folks report almost the same level of sexuality after their 50 or even 60. In some cases men can have quite active sexual life even 80! How do they do that? I wish I knew!

Another pleasant thing about your age is that you have chance to try something new in field of sexual relations: online dating, swing sex, get a sugar daddy, etc. In short, every age has it’s very own choice of adult pleasures you can check out without looking back at the past. Just go with it and be as happy as only son of your mother can be!

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