Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex? It’s about time to make changes to sex routine

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That’s right, making changes is one of those urgent things your sexual life sometimes needs to maintain intrigue in your romantic relations. OTOH, if you prefer to fly solo, you have 1000+1 chance to make your personal life even more crazy with just a small pinch of your hot imagination: being single usually means being kinda free in making decisions concerning time and place for making love with another come-and-go love mate.

Real life provides lots of ways to implement your hot dreams about horny dating.
It’s widely believed these days that Internet is the only place you can find specific sexy services to your taste. What a load o’ baloney! According to my own experience in having fun with online local sex finders and free local adult chat web-rooms, virtual services are perfect for making the first steps to real adult fun. The main action of the drama called “The Knight & His Date-for-a-night” takes place in reality. After all, you know the rule: if you want a thing done well, do it yourself. The Adult Web provides you with pretty wide variety of potential fuck buddies to choose from, while the main responsibility for dating success will be incumbent upon you. Tough but you can’t help it.

”Where” is the main question of casual sex dating.
For millions of adult people who prefer casual sex with the same casual people (this sort of adult dating activity is rather popular in modern singles looking for adult fun) the choice of a perfect place for a quickie can be a serious problem unless your experience is wide enough to provide you with a couple of fresh solutions. OTOH, you can always rely on other nsa dating fans’ experience to spice up the sexual game as well as avoid possible problems connected with “socially unaccepted actions you’re about to take.”

In fact, extreme sex in quite unusual places can be considered as one of the most exciting things real-life casual dating can boast of. Very often people do crazy things to satisfy their sensual needs in the places hardly designed for having sex. Nevertheless, every month thousands of distraught with passion couples do their best to enjoy their intimacy somewhere in the nearest church or even on the roof of a cement mixing plant(!). Yes siree bob, rolling in the back seat of your van in the drive-in can’t be considered as a true extreme sex these days! Frankly, there’s a cosillion places you could have casual sex in when you feel like “in the mood for out-of-the-bedroom adult games.”The places like these:
Library. Who told you that library is good only for the complete bookworms not interested in voluptuary pleasures?! Not at all! Hundreds of shelves filled with tones of books make the perfect cover for two nerds in heat who need some practice in such a pleasurable discipline as love making. Moreover, all those “Silence” signs on the walls will remind you of the main rule to follow in order to avoid serious problems with librarians and other visitors.

sex in library

A locker room. Suppose you meet nice and sexy gal in a gym or public pool, and she’s just crazy about making love with you right here, right now. In this case there’s nothing like hiding behind the curtain in the locker room to play that nasty “show me yours” game. The only thing you should take care of is to reduce all that noise you could make when having fun with your new girlfriend-for-a-day in the immediate vicinity of unwanted spectators.

Airplane toilet. Now, here’s something for true extreme sex lovers. The very idea about having sex in the place you can’t actually leave may add some extra points to your excitement. However, small cabin with lack of room for two visitors isn’t really that place plump lovers should chose for rolling in hay.
A picnic table in the woods. You know, those out-of-the-way places designed for true nature lovers are the best for couples who feel kinda uncomfortable in a common bedroom. In fact, going out for a picnic somewhere in the woods provides you with a tempting chance to have a good time with your girlfriend on the green blanket of grass right under the huge blue sky. Banging in the middle of nowhere… …there’s something weird and intriguing in it, you know.
Anyway, whatever the place you choose to jump your love mate’s bones always remember that you are responsible for possible consequences in case of disclosure. Play safe, stay cool, and good luck!


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