Dating a cheater sucks! A couple of tips that your sex connection is over

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It may sound a bit whackadoodle, but such unpleasant and more than unwanted things as cheating are quite common in adult dating. In fact, more than 85% of adult residents of USA, United Kingdom and Australia, whose romantic interests and needs aren’t limited by visiting easy sex chat only, know how painful some unusual dating “discoveries” can really be.

No doubts, one of the most well-known romance-killers is cheating. Every year thousands of young hearts suffer from being violated by treachery and betrayal. Whatever the reason people cheat on their sex partners, it’s always hard to explain and understand the adultery.

On the other hand, it’s not so difficult to reveal the evil plans of your love mates if you have any suspicion in his/her faithfulness. The following set of tips concerning male infidelity may come in handy for those ladies who really think of leaving their always lying boyfriends to move on for the Big L waiting for them in the nearest future:

He started to give you unexpected gifts. Of course, such a behavior is quite normal for couples in love, but SUDDEN changes look suspicious even for ninnies who are over head and ears in love with sassy boys. Next time you get such a present, ask you lover about it and try to watch his reaction. Bet, he will be very surprised!

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Issues with his libido. Minor changes you can notice in his sexual behavior, such as, spending less time for kissing than usual or changing the way of the foreplay, may signal that he tries to hide some serious secrets about his alternate sexual life.

You can never reach him on the phone. Deal battery? Oh, sure! No reception? Just fine! When it happens every time you try to call or text your Romeo, it’s about time to have one of those serious twosome talks that often end with a break-up. Oh well, if there’s need to choose between mental health and hopeless love, the final choice is obvious. Isn’t it?

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