Weird but so hot: well-know poco loco chicks’ types you can meet when dating online

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Howdy y’all! Greeting like this, unceremonious a bit but so cheerful and sincere, most of us use from time to time: this grotesque phrase will help me to make you feel at ease which is quite the thing, cause I’m going to tell you about the most common types of “specific” girls you may find in the Adult Web. That is why I need your brain to be soft and supple – this kind of soil is the best for seeds of knowledge. So, fellas, make yourselves at home and listen to the story.

Not so long ago a friend of mine was trying his luck in one of those best free sex sites modern Internet is full of. Everything was fine until… …he met Her, a girls of his dreams. As it turned out later, that romantic encounter turned to be not so happy and harmless as we thought: poor kido got nervous and anxious. Every time after having fun with his Princess in adult sex chat guy looked like a thundercloud stuffed with lightnings. Intriguing, eh? The solution to this mystery was quite trivial: every time our couple of doves met online to bill and coo tete-a-tete, that gal worked my friend into a tizzy. Yes sir-eee, she was a girl with a “delicate soul” which actually didn’t prevent her from spoiling the whole rest of her boyfriend’s day. In a month or so their romance was ended with a break-up. That’s that…

What I’m getting at? There’s the whole bunch of girls that look like pure angels at first sight, but after you dig dipper she will seem to you a devil in disguise! Fortunately, these days most common types of weird chicks able to ruin your peace of mind are well known to experienced adult web-dating users. Attention, gents! Here they are:

Sexy but strict teacher aka head-mistress. In most cases she’s an ambitious milf who doesn’t like to waste her precious and too-expensive-for-you-bud time with such a couch potato like you. Come along, fellas, come along!

The Poetess. This girl is obsessed with ulterior meaning of your relations: “What is that thread that connects our hearts?” or “Why am I thinking of you when I’m alone?” Believe it or not, all those why’s are able to drive even the most calm guy crazy. Face the truth, lad, dating a poetess isn’t that thing you are looking for.

She-Thesaurus. Now, here’s one smart, fun, slim, easy-going, loyal, kinda nerdy, delicate girl that looks for a self-confident, organized, funny, caring, intelligent, the same nerdy boyfriend for love, romance, long-term union. I hope you got the point…

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Mizz Awesoms. This girl is used to really enjoy her life and skim the cream off. Her crazy life is full of mad event; all friends of her are super awesome and even you, laddy, look extra cool in her eyes! In other words, the exclamation mark would be the best charm for that girl.

Actually, to avoid unpleasant meetings with one of aforementioned types of girls = save your time and nerves it would be enough to take a look at the firth photo in your girlfriend’s-to-be online dating gallery. Why? Elementary my dear Watson: as a rule, first shot is nothing but a sexy lure intended to catch your attention and make you press “Proceed” button; the second photo is nothing but a fancy-looking selfie (duck face, view from above, and so on); third shot is a sort of her last year vacation report. Now here comes photo #4 – a full-body shot that has a lot to say. Wink!

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