WYK? Free sex dates provide a sure way to extend your mental outlook!

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The only thing you, toots, need to believe it’s true is to go out for a date with a… bibliophile. Yep, you got it right: dating a bibliophile (a dude who’s fond of collecting and reading books) provides you with a unique chance to satisfy your cognitive needs as well as diversify your sexual experience by having adult fun with a guy who may really dig the art of Genuine Love (believe it or not, but many of those bookworms are able to find a use for their knowledge in real life, which makes ’em a kind of an universal all-in-one tool: it can do everything in right hands. Well, almost everything).

The most exciting thing about smart well-read guys is that they are the best sexy partners for virtual dating. Just imagine how awesome that combo of Einstein and Romeo can be in a free horny adult chat: he’ll make you catch every sweet word of his naughty confession, I bet!

Okay, if you need a proof of book-stuff guys’ awesomeness BEFORE meeting them in your life, here’s just a couple of quick points showing they won’t let you get bored on the very first date:

They read. Sounds like I start on you, eh? Hang on, just let me “develop the melody!” Ability to read AND feel with the main stories’ characters is one of the most important skills all young lovers need to master in order to survive in the exciting world of adult dating. No kidding, folks! People who can put their hearts and souls into aesthetic experience usually can better understand their love mates needs and feelings in opposite to common chavs & neds looking only for new free-fuck opportunities (rough but true).

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They can be really smart. Hope, all you, girls, feel the difference between “being smart” and “showing off intelligence.” In most cases, being smart (i.e. be able to fish, analyze and implement information we get from tons of various sources ever day) is a free bonus to reading itself. Besides, Anne E. Cunningham, Berkeley associate professor (USA) states that very act of reading changes our cognitive abilities to good. So, if you want to hang out with someone who really can “get the point”, choose a guy with a book!

They are creative and open-minded. If you don’t have plans for the next week-end, it doesn’t bother your, cause He’s always full of solutions, ideas and other funny stuff that’ll turn your Saturday date into real Fest of Love and Joy. Seriously, sweethearts, you have nothing to lose when dating bookworms. In fact, you can get the most exciting love experience you’ve been dreaming about since you were teenage girls. After all, being someone’s lady-love isn’t that bad!

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