Cognitive aspects of dating for sex: hot female orgasm facts you just gotta know

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It may sound kinda surprising for many gents but female orgasm does exist! No, seriously, even these days when you can fix a date in a couple of minutes (virtually!) using specially designedadult sex services provided by enterprising guys from the depths of the Web, lots and lots of adult men still think that there’s no such thing as female climax. I personally know a couple of individuals who are used to think and act in terms of the Stone Age… To heck with all those “hard memories!”

The following infografic I found at is a true gift for all Shag dating fans seeking for new faces + good opportunities to learn something new about gender relations. In short, here I give you a handy-dandy set of the latest (and hottest) facts about female orgasm; facts that may come in handy for you in the most exciting moments of your adult life! So, make yourself comfy and check ’em out:

female orgasm facts

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