Funny names gents sometimes use when they talk about dames’ genitals. Weird, I know!

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Can you tell me what’s common between Taco, Beaver and Clam? Any idea? Well, before you give up try to remember the very last man-to-man talk you had with your close mates. You know what I’m talking about! Most men love to twitter about sweet moments in their life when having drinks in the circle of their best friends. It just so happened that local sex make one of the most favorite subject of conversation for the whole mess of human males all over the globe.

However, all those adultdating gossip men share on Saturday nights in a pub can boast of unique language used to embellish or emphasize the point of story. To put it in English, all those success stories contain tons of weird names and phrases guys with nasty minds use to veil juicy details.

Funny, but the most popular “thing” many of dirty-oh-so-dirty us avoid to name it’s real name is vagina! Yes sir-eee, women’s genitals have thousand and one name in the language of adult fun hunters. Some of those nicknames sound pretty harmless or even cute, but usually our imagination does dirt to our minds which may even affect our sexual life! So, next time you’re about to play that good-old nickname-game with your girlfriend, think twice before translating your naughty thoughts into words.

Still curious about the weirdest names for ladies’ love pies, eh? Here are just some of them:

Ham Wallet or Badly Packed Kebab. Don’t know about you, lads, but these two “definitions” sound extremely rude to me. No seriously, the picture my imagination draws, when I hear food references like that really discourage me, kapish?

Vajayjay. Popularized by Oprah, this word adds a sort of Latina-flavor to your sexual relations. You can even use it as a nickname for an adult chat: Lord Vajayjay or Vajayjayjero – let you imagination help you with that!

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Beaver. This one is easy, isn’t it? On the other hand, the history of this name is quite interesting:

some folks believe this nick is nothing but a distant echo of a weird custom of the 17th century. In those far-off days prostitutes wore small pieces of beaver skin on their genitals. Swe-e-e-e-et!
Other guys think that “beaver” refers to the very essence: just like the furry dam builders, women’s genitals “eat wood…”

Honestly, I don’t think that calling names itself is a bad habit when it comes to sexual games. Quite the contrary, a “code language” we use in our bedrooms is able to make every next love story a precious stand-alone component of our adult life experience. With a little respect to your sex mates’ feelings, of course!

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