Gay Dating Advice, Tips, and Tricks

gay dating advice
Depending on the mindset of the community you grew up in, getting first experience in dating guys can be tricky if not terrifying. But a comforting thing to know when you’re feeling that, is you’re never alone in those thoughts and feelings. Everyone needs support and advice sometimes when it comes to starting new relationships.

Getting Connected to Meet New People
Nowadays, everyone can get connected to their own communities online through apps and social media. From there, you can meet other guys, get to know them, and start to feel if there’s any connection before you even meet in person. Wherever you’re at when it comes to coming out and dating guys, you can find people who can relate to where you are and your experiences, and it makes for immediate common ground. Finding things in common is always one of the most important things to kickstart any kind of relationship.

Be Upfront and Yourself with Guys You’re Interested In
Sometimes it’s hard to tell just what the interest they’re showing means when first getting to know someone. Is it the same kind of interest you’re showing or something completely different? The only way to really find out is to talk and ask about it. Be as open as you’re comfortable with being. Let him know who you are, what you’re about, and what you’re looking for. There’s a chance he’s looking for the same things. If he is, you’ve opened the door to a new romantic relationship. And if not, you were honest with yourself and him, and you could easily keep a new friend.

Don’t try to put on some show of something you think he’s interested in. If that works at all, it’s always only for a little while before it blows up in your face in a way that’s never worth it. Best case scenario, you end up in a relationship based on fake interests and a false personality that doesn’t make you happy. Worst case scenario, you ruin the potential for a real relationship and cause some painful emotions for both of you to get past for healthy relationships in the future.

Do Your Best to Avoid Pressure
Sometimes the best way to find what you’re really looking for is to stop looking. The more pressure you put on yourself to be in a relationship, the more likely you’ll end up jumping between bad ones over and over again. The first step to getting a good relationship with anyone else is to feel comfortable and happy with yourself first. Once you do that, you draw people to you and the guys you’re looking for will definitely come along when you least expect them.

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