How to Get Sex on the First Date

There’s no shame in knowing what you want and going for it. How to get sex on the first date is less about the woman you choose and more about your charm. For hooking up on the first date, here’s what you need to know:

Go for Relaxed and Confident, Not Sex God

Chicks go crazy for James Bond, but not just because he’s a hunk – it’s because he’s calm, collected, and suave. If you play the sex appeal card too heavily, you’ll come across as fake and even aggressive, which will scare off women or make them think twice about going back to your place with you. Go for relaxed and confident, and you’ll present yourself at your best for a first date hookup.

Dress to Impress

Pick an outfit that enhances your best features. If you’re not very confident in your body, then wear a dark-colored shirt that disguises bad points and draw eyes to your best points. If you work out, then go for something a little tighter to show off your best features. You want to catch her eye immediately and get her fantasies rolling – and to get a girl to have sex with you, you have to do that with your first impression.

Get Your Greetings and Formalities Right

Class will get you a long way to get laid on the first date. When you first meet her at the restaurant or café, stand to greet her, tell her how happy you are to see her, compliment her looks, and most importantly: give her a hug. A hug jumps a lot of social barriers and will make it clear right away that you’re interested. If she acts awkwardly about the hug, then you’ve been given a hint; but if she accepts it, you’re on the right path.

Find Something to Connect About

In conversation, start asking questions and showing interest in what she has to say. People love talking about themselves and if you respond with empathy, you’re showing that you care and are a friendly, approachable person. This will do wonders in setting a fun, relaxed, playful mood going forward.

Ask Her to Leave When She Acts Comfortable

How to get a girl to sleep with you lies in watching her expression, mannerisms, and the way she talks. Does she seem comfortable and friendly? If so, this is your opening to ask if she’d “like to get out of here” in a casual way. If you nail the tone, then you’ll have come across as confident, interested, and even a little mysterious, which will make her even more likely to say yes. However, if she says no, the key to your second chance is responding just as casually and politely. You don’t want to come across as a weirdo or as desperate, so how you respond to a rejection is just as important as how you respond to a “yes.” She could be testing you, and later offer herself to head back to your apartment.

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