How to Go About Dating Multiple People – Men, Women, and Anyone In-Between

dating multiple people

Whether you’re polyamorous or simply not in a place in life where you want to be coupled up with only one person, you should be able to find the kind of relationships that work for you, just like anyone else. Sometimes people don’t take that outlook as seriously as others, and when it’s not one that’s easily understood, relationships can deteriorate, trust can be lost, and a lot of feelings can get seriously hurt.

So how do you avoid that? What is the best way to keep a relationship strong even if you have more than one?

Open Communication and Absolute Honesty

The worst thing you can do when dating multiple people is to be secretive and lie about it. Because no matter how good at it you think you are, you are going to get caught. And when you’re seeing multiple men or women without letting them know and being sure they’re okay with it, it’s called cheating and it’s one of the fastest ways to completely ruin a relationship.

But if you’re starting to get to know someone, if you’re feeling something for them, then you need to let them know that you do go on dates with other people and that it doesn’t mean you are any less interested in going on dates with them. Not everyone will be okay with this when you tell them. If they’re in the mood for something exclusive with one person and one person only, chances are it will be best to call off any budding relationship right then. But when you let them know the circumstances, even if they’re not up for a relationship like that, they will always appreciate your honesty from the start and no one will get too hurt in the exchange.

If once you tell them that you want to date multiple people, they are okay with being one of them, then you can let go of some of that stress for a while. Let your relationship with them grow alongside any others you might start to make and make sure you let them know it’s okay for them to do the same.

Keeping Things Copacetic in the Long Run

The honest discussion and open communication won’t and shouldn’t just be a one-time thing either. For some people, the idea of dating multiple people is going to be very new and unfamiliar. If it’s something that’s just being tested out in your relationships, then it’s important to check in and follow up with how that test is going. You always want to make sure they’re feeling valued and not jealous by the time you share with other people. In order for any relationship — including multiple relationships — to work, the feelings of trust, respect, and care need to always be there. Not just between two people, but between everyone involved.

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