Use or dispose? It’s time to go over your adult sex basket again!


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When you’re looking for new experience or want to spice up your sex life, you may always choose one of two most usual ways to maintain your sex drive:

1. Use the advantage of adult sex finders in the Web to meet people fond of kinda unorthodox ways of adult fun having: a swingers sex site would be perfect for “advanced users” as contacting shemales in a web-chat may seem attractive to newbies. One is for sure, whatever you think of, Adult Web has it!

2. “Sort items” in your very own sex basket. Sometimes, to get excited from a love game, it would be enough to use experience-and-time-proven solutions as well as weed out moth-eaten-out-of-demand-and-sometimes-even-humiliating stuff. This way to warm up your in-bed activity seems to be more efficient and natural to me. Tastes differ, of course, but you really have nothing to lose! So, if you’re ready, let’s start from…

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Things you should use when having adult fun with your girlfriend.

Start/keep using sex toys for a pre-game. Although you may need some time to get a pro in making your dame scream of pleasure with your skilful hands, experience you get from mastering the skills of a “vibro-boy” will be really hard to overrate. After all, every woman wants to trust her body to a real Love Master, so get a Master degree in the science of sensual pleasures!

Have sex outside your bedroom. And I’m not talking about humping in the kitchen or riding on couch in your living room. Think wide! What about making love on a beach or have a quickie in a fitting-room of a nearest fashion-store? If the very idea about combining both risk of being caught and sexual satisfaction makes you feel horny, you definitely should implement it!

Play strip games. Actually, a “strip game” could be any game that takes at least two players to kill the time with pleasure. When it comes to couples “in heat” there’s nothing like a table game to make both sex partners gradually get rid of clothing and bring their passion to the red point. OR, you can invent more specific and hot rules to make another Saturday night full of sweet passion and adult delights.

Read erotic stories. As old as the hills, I know, but this stuff still works! Just think about all those images in your love mate’s mind when she hears you telling her naughty stories with your tender voice… Shall I continue? Guess, not!

Nasty things in your basket. Get rid ’em at once!

Actually, the most horrible things you could do to your own sexual health as being too rude to your love mate or violating her believes concerning your relations are nothing but consequences of your selfishness, laziness, arrogance, and ignorance. So get rid of those pesky relations killers before it’s too late or put ’em on the bottom of your sex basket if fixing troubles with your bitter part seem to be too much for you. Try at least!

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