A Guide For Men: Where To Take A Girl On A Date At Any Age

where to go on your first date

Where to take a girl on a date is a question that plagues most men as they give thought to the proverbial question, but we got you covered.

The makings of a good first date
Yes, indeed… dating is complicated in this year and time as we move past traditional customs and go with the flow, but the advice on where to go on your first date hasn’t changed that much. Before you go for a first date, check yourself out in the mirror. How do you look? Are you overdressed for the occasion or did you throw on your work clothes?

First impressions mean everything and could likely determine if you go for a second date. And for the love of Lucy, be on time if not early. This will show that you are interested and anxious to meet her. If this is the first time you will go on a date with a girl, keep reading to get some helpful tips and some concrete advice on where to go on a first date.

• Is the bar still a good place to take a girl on the first date? Absolutely! Having a drink or two will loosen the strings and change the mood of what could be dull date. A glass of wine will relax someone who otherwise would be tense and get them to talking.

• Bowling is always an excellent idea if you’re wondering where to go for a first date. It’s not difficult to learn if either one of you have never bowled a day in your life. Who knows, you may get a legitimate reason to touch one another while teaching her the ropes.

• Who doesn’t love the idea of a picnic, but it doesn’t have to be in the park. It could take place in your back yard or at the beach or at a spot along side the river. It’s a great idea no matter the season, it’s all in how you do it. If you want to go on a second date, I suggest planning a unique picnic, so think outside the box.

• True enough, where you go for a first date is equally important as what you do on a first date and for that reason, I suggest home. If you know the way to her heart is through her stomach, show off your culinary skills. It’s sure to please her.

And one last bit of information: keep the alcohol beverages to a minimum. The worst scenario is that one of you has too much to drink and that could spoil not only your first date, but your chances of having to figure out where to take a girl on a second date.

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