Hard to get women: love kittens seeking for playmates

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Ain’t she sweet when she plays hard to get with you? Perhaps, most adult men feel excited being involved in an innocent and joyful game called playing hard to get. In fact, this kind of adult games often needs no real-life meetings which makes it a sort of universal game very popular in many adult dating fans: free dating chat, naughty dating web-services, local sex dating websites are usual “action areas” for lovemates interested in playing hard to get with other adult fun seekers. Hope there’s no need to mention that most web-users playing sweet games online are women – love kittens hungry for rather specific petting.

However, there’s at least one serious question about women playing hard to get men all over the world want to be answered once and for all: why do they do this? Not so long ago Australian scientists suggested that women use aforementioned behavior pattern to weed out unreliable sex partners-to-be. In other words, before making new start with another interesting man women may want to test his intentions to see if her love mate is worthy of her attention.

Moreover, being interested in successful adult dating women may have other reasons to play hard to get with their sexy partners such as:

– sexual relations withholding;

– making men want to chase a woman and win her heart;

– being too sarcastic about having adult fun with new sexmates;

– being too slow to respond mens’ courting.

Whatever the reason there’s one universal rule all male haunters of popular adult online dating sites Shagaholic need to keep in mind in order to avoid unpleasant situations concerning adult dating in real life: every woman’s heart requires it’s own key to be opened.

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