Nuts and bolts of “applied” adultdating: some hot facts about condoms

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I guess most local sex dates fans reading this article know what’s the thing called condom really is. Even today when most hot hearts prefer to use high-class or free sex dating sites to satisfy their sensual needs, a tiny piece of “clinically tested” latex makes your sexual life save and easy. And not only that!

However, your thin-shelled protector isn’t that simple as it looks: actually condom has it’s very own quite interesting history as well as the whole bunch of secrets connected with it’s (condom’s) practical application. Here I give you some of those

Hot facts about rubber.

200-300 condoms were made of animal bladders and guts. Though using natural, eco-friendly materials is quite healthy tendency (especially for most modern goods-for-love manufacturers), condoms made of something like goat’s intestines provide rather pure STDs protection, so using latex “caps” is the best alternative here.

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Condoms don’t kill the mood. That means using rubber when having sex doesn’t make your love games less enjoyable. Recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that both condom users and condom haters report almost the same level of sexual satisfaction from jumping their love mates bones. In other words, using latex protection doesn’t affect sensitivity (as a rule).

Rubber without other methods of birth control sometimes doesn’t protect! According to latest scientific report about 20% of women using condoms as the only from of birth control still risk to get pregnant. So, your move here is to combine various forms of contraception to ensure 95-100% protection from unwanted pregnancy.

In 2015 manufacturers plan to represent updated and kinda revised condom concept. From now on, men’s latex protectors won’t be just a “cap on top.” So called Origami Condom will be extremely easy to use, and will be optimized for various kinds of sexual intercourse (in particular, for anal, and vaginal sex). Sounds intriguing, eh?

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