How to Arouse a Woman

how to arouse a woman

How to turn a girl on

The first thing you need to do is look in the mirror. This is what she’ll see striding towards your meeting point, so ensure you’re well groomed. This means every aspect of your appearance must be attended to, from stain-free shirt to your hairstyle. What cannot be overstressed is that you should spend some time with a razor or nasal trimmer making sure there is nothing unseemly sprouting from nose, ears or eyebrows. You want her first impression to be butterflies fluttering in her stomach, not her stomach churning.

Once you’re together, smile and act confidently – especially if this is a first date. This modern age may be all about gender equality, but women still like a decisive guy who can take control. That way, when you reveal a more tender side it’ll be doubly effective.

How to turn a girl on over the phone

When you’re solely relying on your voice to get her weak at the knees, make sure you never run out of interesting things to talk about. Also, remember conversations are two-way so keep listening to what your partner has to say, empathizing, chuckling at her jokes, complimenting her constantly. If she decides to flirt a little, this should be seized on immediately. Flirt right back, upping the suggestiveness a few notches.

You don’t necessarily want to initiate the topic of sex straight away, but if it does crop up, then run with it. Horny conversations can become quite uninhibited when you’re at opposite ends of a telephone connection.

How to get your girlfriend to have sex with you

Much as your woman will be excited about connecting with you emotionally, nothing beats straightforward physical attraction. If you want your girlfriend to desire you, make sure you keep up some form of fitness regime so she’s admiring your muscles not admonishing your beer belly. Huffing and puffing after climbing stairs is not recommended.

Tell her how much she turns you on. Looking forward to sex is reciprocal, so you should make it patently obvious she pushes your buttons and you wish to take your relationship to the next level.

How to make a woman want to sleep with you

Foreplay may seem an obvious factor, but many guys fall at this hurdle because they are not attentive enough to their partner’s needs. They mistime their move, jumping the gun when her mood would be far more appreciative of a subtle approach.

When it comes to heavy petting, take the time to leave her in no doubt whatsoever that you understand how to turn on a woman. Whisper in her ear all the things you’d like to do in the bedroom – not for your benefit, but to ensure she is totally satisfied. By all means get as descriptive as possible with the wonderful mental images you conjure.

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