How to Improve Your Sex Life

Tips and tricks on how to improve your sex

If you’re looking for suggestions, here are some of the key points to consider for men. Your sexual performance is heavily reliant on that special part of your anatomy. And while you might be eager to please, that message doesn’t always reach it. This is what the adult industry refers to as ‘wood.’ Without wood, the director of those types of films will frequently be shouting out ‘cut!’ In the real world that’s how you’ll be imagining your partner reacting if you can’t stay erect for lengthy periods!

But penis performance is down to blood circulation, pure and simple. Look after your body’s overall health and this will help all its individual parts to work properly. Cardiovascular exercise is great for this, so if you ensure you get regular exercise that gets your heart pumping, this will do wonders for your libido.

Eat yourself sexier

Many foodstuffs are excellent for blood circulation, including Vitamin B12 (found in pork and peanuts), omega-3 acids (salmon and olive oils) or pepper, which reduce inflammation.

Remember, there are many ways to keep your woman satisfied other than penetration. Explore other methods of stimulation, using your fingers or your tongue. As you fine-tune your technique, you’ll discover your partner becomes ever more appreciative. This will be reciprocated in wilder reactions to what you’re doing. This simple act of being attentive to her needs and desires will be terrific for your own sex life.

Another great tip for guys is to prepare for sex when you’re alone. Masturbation helps control longevity. After men ejaculate it takes longer the next time. So if you know sex is on the cards, some moments alone will take the edge off your excitement.

Avoiding stress

When the tensions of everyday life and work build up, it’s common to resort to stimulants. This is not great for a vibrant sex life, as alcohol or cigarettes will both damage blood circulation. Indulging in a habit that impacts your breathing is not great for rigorous sexual activity.

Tips for women on how to improve sexlife

For girls, the same techniques apply. Your sex life will be vastly improved if you look after your general health. Here’s another interesting factoid: certain foodstuffs have been demonstrated to increase vaginal blood flow, such as liquorice or cucumber.

Getting into the mood is always a great precursor to some electric lovemaking. There has been an explosion in erotic literature in the past few years. Bury your nose inside a steamy novel and you’ll soon find your body’s aching to experience the three-dimensional version.

Book into a spa for some serious relaxation. After relaxing in a steam room, feeling the perspiration trickling all over yourself, you’ll be thinking of what you could be getting up to later. Massages will similarly get your erogenous zones fired up for attention from your boyfriend later.

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