“Is my penis normal?” Man, you got a perfect tool for adult fun having!

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Do you, lad, know any other part of your own body that could be surrounded by legends and conjectures as much as your love-making tool? No-no-no, I’m not talking about those praises every next ex- of yours offers to her “bestest-and-closest” friends (as follows from your stories). Leave those fairy tales to someone more gullible.

The “legends” I’m talking about here are nothing but reality-based issues discussed on various adult sex chat sites and for-real-men-only forums. It may seem crazy but millions of grown-up UK and US folks are virtually obsessed with their “wieners,” just like some ladies with their breasts. Sure thing, it’s absolutely natural to take care and even pet our johnsons, but sometimes men overdo with their care. As a result, every month sexologists, urologists, and other specific -gists get tons of is-it-ok-doc questions from their male-patients.

The most frequently asked penis-related questions NOT connected with STDs cover such interesting issues as penis size, shape, bumps, it’s color or pigmentation. I tell you what, all those questions have one common point: they are absolutely pointless (well… maybe, ‘xcept a couple of extra-ordinal cases when doctor’s advice is needed)! You see, there’s actually no such thing as “normal” penis, cause each one of us, men, has a unique, very personal, set of physical and mental features which makes it so damn hard to find the happy medium usually known as standard. So, the conclusion is more than obvious: there’s no need to worry about the fact that your penis looks kinda weird. You got a unique key to the world of adult sex dating so try to find that very special door it opens!

Want to know more about FAQs men often ask about their penises? Watch this short video taken from BuzzFeedBlue:

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