Lesbian Dating Tips and Advice

dating lesbians

In a very patriarchal world, it’s not easy to navigate dating other girls. Meeting other girls interested in girls, expressing your interest in them with something more than platonic, and really jumpstarting a relationship, in general, are all hard things to do when you don’t feel prepared or confident enough about it. But putting yourself out there into the right circles can really make a difference in your love life.

Broadening Your Network of Girl Friends

Girls stick together. Under the right circumstances, other girls can be the very best friends you can make, and when they’re interested, relationships with them can grow a lot closer. The scope that friendship with girls reaches is far and wide, and some of the best ways to meet other girls to really connect with are through mutual friends. Girls know what their friends are looking for in relationships, and when they’re interested in other girls, they often like to help set each other up. It’s a great way to meet new people and potentially get dating experience as well.

Keeping Options Open

Just like it makes perfect sense for a straight woman to date a bisexual man, it makes sense for a lesbian woman to date a bisexual woman. Realizing who you’re attracted to and coming out into any part of the LGBT+ community can be just as difficult as any other part. Bisexual women are often just as attracted to women as lesbian women are. Sexual orientations and identities can sometimes grow and shift and develop. A woman coming out as bisexual could mostly lean toward her attraction to girls, and viewing bisexuality as a warning sign that they might have dated a man at some point might only serve to hurt you by blocking off a beautiful relationship. If another girl likes girls and you feel an attraction to her, follow that instinct. Get to know her and see if the two of you get along and work well together. If attraction, trust, and eventual love is there, labels of sexualities start to fade in importance.

Being Yourself

The most important thing to remember when trying to jump into any dating situation is to simply be who you are and not who you think she’s looking for in a potential girlfriend. If a girl you’re interested in doesn’t appreciate getting to know the real you, then she isn’t for you and isn’t worth your time for a second date. Dating isn’t easy, but it’s a lot harder if you’re trying to date while playing a role.
Once you’re comfortable in being yourself, the right girl for you will come along.

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