Just friends or sexy partners? Main types of guys that make your love story full of jealousy.


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Whatever the “breaking news and latest discoveries in field of sexual relations” you can meet in modern web-media, jealousy is one of those feelings you definitely shouldn’t develop in your relations. IMHO, when you feel you’re under the influence of that pesky “jealy-fish,” it’s about time to think about the ways you could choose to get rid of possible serious problems in your personal life.

They say jealousy is nothing but the worst manifestation of love to yourself. Well, even if it is so, it doesn’t mean that being jealous makes you responsible for another breakup. Not at all! It’s my strong conviction that losing connection between two loving hearts is the result of mutual loss of interest in the further development of romantic relations. What can be a reason for that? Oh, there’s the whole mess of them! As for jealousy that may turn into initial point of a breakup, it usually starts from making mutual friends or communicating with good-old “childhood chums.”

So, buddy, if you suspect a stinky rat messing around your happiness, you may need to pay close attention to only two possible troublemakers able to ruin your love relations. Just in case!

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Her best male-friend. According to the scientific paper published in 2012 by scholars of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, men and women really can be “just friends” (at least, most women polled in the framework of the research reported high level of satisfaction from being in friend zone of their male chums). Moreover, being “just friends” often means both men and women don’t want to lose mental connection with their soulmates just because of need to satisfy their voluptuous desires. In short, “free sex right now” isn’t the main prize for most boys and girls looking for friendship in the world of gender relations.

Your move: just be somewhere around when your turtledove goes out for having some fun with her best friend; prevent that slick cat from striking a sudden blow right behind your back!

Your best friend. In particular, if she knows him the same well as you do, it might be a problem cause making “right choice” in case of need wouldn’t be a question for her. Especially when she feels you act like a complete jerk lately…

Your move: stop idolizing your best pal every time you talk about him. Tell your love mate a couple of funny stories about silly things your friend usually does – try your best to make her believe your friends really are the same “common” guys as you are.

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