Mind Tricks to Make Sex Hotter

mind tricks for hot sex

If you have been wracking your mind to think of ways to make sex between you and your partner hotter and more interesting than it currently is, there is a simple way to put that zest back in your sex life.

While weekends away, spa breaks, purchasing sexy outfits, toys and sex accessories or getting it on in strange places might well make your sex much more enjoyable, a longer-term answer lies closer to home.

Mind tricks are one of the best ways to keep sex hot, whether you are a couple in the infancy of your relationship or partners who have been married for longer than you would care to recall.

If you find sex is mundane, routine or not even happening at all, use some of these tricks to get the spark back.

Push out outside thoughts

We all get caught up in the day-to-day cycle of life. Get up, go to work, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed. But when it comes to making sex hotter, you need to supress the outside thoughts. Don’t get in bed getting it on with your partner thinking: “did I put the dishwasher on?” or “I need to make the lunch for tomorrow”. Sex will only be more enjoyable if you get caught up in the moment with distractions.

Remember triggers for a special time

If there was one special time that stands out about any other you and your partner enjoyed, remember what is was that was so memorable. It could have been wear you were, what you were watching or something as simple as you had a candle lit and the ambience brought out your most amorous side. Whatever it was, recreate that and you will have those special memories in your mind when you next get into the sack together.

Picture the last time you had an orgasm

It does not have to be just about a trigger of a special time either. Remember your last orgasm – it will no doubt have left a particularly wide smile across your face – and how it happened. Did you partner do something extra special to you? Did they do something different in bed to leave you screaming in an orgasmic state? Was it just that you were really turned on that day? Whatever the reason that had you writhing in delight, picture that time when you next get it on and you will soon be on your way to a repeat show!


It isn’t for everyone, but meditating can seriously improve sex and make your sex life super-hot. You might have heard of tantric sex. Well, meditation can help you enjoy the real thing by getting your mind in the ideal state to enjoy what is coming your way. Meditation helps you focus the mind and it will ensure you are not distracted while in the middle of the act. It doesn’t have to be done before sex, because regular meditating helps reduce the hormones that cause stress and increases libido as a result. So why not try meditation for 10 minutes a day watch your sex life improve dramatically as a result. Your partner won’t know what has hit them!

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