Morning in the wood… Wood’s morning… Oh yeah! Morning wood! It’s time to know more about it.


I hope, there’s no man around who doesn’t know what is that “wood” I’m talking about. However, some of not well-informed or overly shy girls may need an explanation. After all, it’s always interesting to get new info concerning such an exciting thing as biomechanics of human body, especially when it comes to very special body parts.

So, boys and girls, morning wood is nothing but a “surprise” all men can find every morning in their pants. In spite of the sincere joy (sometimes, surprising or even fear!) demonstrated by some women when they face that phenomenon first time, MW can be real pain in the leg that turns morning toilet into a very special kind of artistic gymnastics.

Nevertheless, an involuntary erection all we, men, usually have upon waking up (this is what MW actually is) is one of thousand and one the most natural things that happen to us every day. In fact, it’s the same natural as yawn and pandiculation! So, fellas, next time you feel something disturbs you early in the morning, something hard and full o’ life right between your legs, don’t be scared: it’s just the way your best pal “reports for duty.” Yep, he’s so up 4 it!

If you want to know more about the morning wood, the way it actually work as well as reason, responsible for that, watch the following movie created by AsapSCIENCE (as for me, I learned a lot from this short clip ;))


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