Popular myths of adult sex dating: biggest misbelieves about FO

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What is FO? Well, maybe some of you, guys, know the right answer without my help. Aha, FO is nothing else but Female Orgasm, a “thing” that makes adult sex dates so sweet and desired for millions of hot dames all over the globe!

Still, in spite of the fact that most gents know everything about FO, and a couple of them even have all necessary know how to make their girlfriends scream in ecstasy, the Adult Web is full of “facts,” legends, and fairy tales about the way women climaxing. So, my dear local sex dating fans, it’s time to extend your personal horizon of “sexy knowledge” and explode the biggest myths about female orgasm: you just need to know the truth to succeed in “seduction art!”

It’s widely believed that…

Penetration itself often makes women “explode.” Well, in porn clips you can often see a hot chick moaning and groaning in passion after a huge weird-looking bully sticks his the same weird-looking love-stick inside her body. What a nonsense! In real life about 70% of dames aren’t so excited with vaginal intercourse, so, if you think you can make your sweetheart beg for your “meat” without a pregame, you’re a clinical optimist… or very lucky fella…

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Squirting is a load o’ baloney. Wrong again, chum! Although most human females usually do without it, some horny things really “ejaculate.” You see women have very special gland inside their bodies called prostate femina or “G-spot.” Intensive manual stimulation of that honey spot will give you a shot-glass(!) of so called “female semen.” Nuff said.

It’s a proper hug women need after orgasm. If I were you, I wouldn’t be sure about that, cause many ladies get too hot after climaxing which makes her feel every touch of yours like a tip of the whip. In other words, when your girlfriends wants to snuggle after love making, it’s absolutely normal!


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