What do you know! Naughty dating isn’t that good as you think!

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I really believe I shouldn’t explain what is naughty dating to such an “adultdating guru” as you, mate. Still, let me refresh your memory just to make sure you really got the point. So, according to most popular sexdating UK & US web-services used by millions of horny gents and dames in order to satisfy their everyday sexual needs, naughty dating (aka no-strings-attached sexual relations) is nothing but commitment-free romantic relations based on pure sexual interest. These days lots of adult people prefer to be just friends with benefits (i.e. be close enough to roll in hay but stay “just friends” when it comes to something more serious than NSA sex) before/instead of making another step and level-up current relations. As for me, there’s nothing wrong with such a “suspended” responsibility most of all face in FWBR(Friends With Benefits Relations). On the other hand…

NSA dating can be a burden sometimes.

Not so long ago somewhere deep in the dark forest of US science a discover was made by a team of scholars whose hearts were made of solid pieces of ice… Actually, when it comes to FWB relations, you can find tons of scientific reports concerning “free love” published for the last ten years (yeah, people in white think of IT too!). However, last findings reveal rather unpleasant info for many hot hearts all over the world: it appears that commitment-free relations doesn’t always work.

First of all, people usually choose no-strings dating to avoid serious responsibility implied by serious romantic relations. Sad but true: emotionally immature young’uns often use the easiest way to get the Land of Adult Fun without spending much of their energy and nerves.

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Another unpleasant thing about being just fuck buddies is connected with quite doubtful future for that kind of romance. According to latest research very many no-strings-attached fans feel quite vulnerable every time they try to talk about mutual future with their love mates. In other words, FWBR and living happily ever after – they don’t go together.

Finally, young lovers avoiding traditional romance feel kinda limited when it comes to expressing their feelings. In particular, poor souls feel they don’t have right to voice their disagreement as connection between two hearts is too unstable to hold “stormy waters of righteous indignation.”

So, as you can see, the main problem of being friends with benefits is connected with lack of productive communication. It’s not that having sex without engaging in serious romance is evil, but if you want to learn all the pleasures of adult dating you will need to know more about such things as responsibility, care, and fidelity.

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