Naughty dating, nsa sex, friends with benfits – casual sex is in popular demand these days

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What can be the main reason for modern web-users to visit thousands adult online dating services every year and sitting in paid and free Online chat rooms all night long? “To have adult fun,” you might say and would be absolutely right. In actual fact, many today’s adult fun seekers are interested in rather special adult attraction usually called casual sex, no strings sex or naughty dating. Moreover, such a popularity of nsa dating in it’s turn creates different kinds of having casual sexual relations; each “branch” has it’s own features set and fans range.

According to a 2011 research published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, there are three main types of naughty dating popular in adult fun seekers these days:


(some call this kind of adult dating “one-night-stand-sex”). It’s nothing but one-time sexual activity involving come-and-go sex partners.


A well known way many adult singles all over the world use to have less or more healthy sexual relations with their peers. It differs from “HQ” in it’s frequency which means many-time sexual activity in a couple without close friendship though.

Friends with Benefits.

This one is the most “human” kind of naughty dating. In short, close friendship developed in successful sexual relations is a perfect definition of corresponding nsa dating.

Whatever the kind, no strings dating can be considered as a healthy way of having adult fun for both online dating fans and “offline” love seekers. See no reasons to believe otherwise.

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