Online Dating Advice For Men: Real Talk From A Woman’s Point Of View

dating advice for men

Dating advice for men in 2017

The dating rules seem to change every day and it’s difficult to keep up, especially if you are new to the game or have been out of circulation for awhile. Way before the new generation were born, it was understood that if you had sex with someone, you were “going together,” that you were boyfriend and girlfriend, he was your man and she was your lady and one day, you would get married.

Today, you can get a date or a roll in the sack and don’t have to leave your home or office. Nevertheless, if you’ve been unavailable for a number of years, you may need some fresh tips or online dating advice for men. And because of the variations in hookup sites and dating services available, you need to find out the basic dating advice for men from women so let’s get started.

Don’t be pretentious
Relax and be you. As the young people say, “Real recognize real” so let it be so. Besides, if you pretend to be someone or something you’re not, they will eventually find out the truth, anyway. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment or her for that matter.

Make the first move
Most women still love old fashioned values so be the first one to ask her out if you like her profile and not the other way around. This is great third date advice for men as women still like men who take charge.

Be considerate
When you are engaging in conversation with a lady, be thoughtful of her feelings, her day or anything positive that will keep the momentum up and in the right direction. This is my suggestion as some after the first date advice for men as well.

No speeding zone
Take your time to get to know her so that you don’t ruin your chances of moving forward. If you do this, you’ll soon be seeking second date advice for men.

Dress to impress
Before you step out to meet her for the first time, check your outfit. Did you iron your shirt? Do you have holes in your pants? Well, some jeans are made with holes, but are they appropriate for your date and will you make a memorable first impression? Be comfortable, but leave your car washing attire at home.

Can’t get a word in?
Please, please don’t talk so much that she’s not even a part of the date. The key is to ask questions and engage in conversation so that you’re both active in communicating. And for the love of rose petals and candy, if you don’t understand something she’s said, please ask her to repeat it rather than pretend you know what she’s talking about.

Final thoughts on first date advice for men

This is the best dating advice for men you could have: If at all possible, turn off your phone while you are on a date. Do this especially if you receive a number of phone calls a day. There’s nothing more annoying than constant interruption when you’re trying to tell a story.

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