Online Dating Safety Tips You Need to Know

Online dating safety tips are a dime a dozen, but with new dating sites and online experiences appearing every day, the list needs updating. Here are a few little-known but incredibly valuable tips for how to date online safety that you need to know.

Have Photos Just For Online Dating


Ever tried Googling yourself? It can be scary. How is safe online dating? It depends on how you manage your private information, which anyone can use as research keywords to find out more about you. Take separate pictures for your dating profile, that way no one can Google all the way to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, which could lead to those internet stalking horror stories.

Keep Contact Off Social Media

If you want to keep in contact with your date through something besides text, then give them your email address – never your Facebook profile. If the relationship turns south, you don’t want them spamming your Facebook friends or stalking you from afar.

Meet in a Public Place

No great love affair has ever been hindered by meeting in a public place. As a bonus, if you both know the place, it gives you both a chance to relax. You are familiar with the area and won’t get stuck with a bad menu.

Give a Trusted Friend Your Itinerary

For offline and internet dating safety, tell a trusted friend who you’re meeting with, when you’ll be back, and even arrange for a check-in at some point during the date. A simple phone call will ensure someone knows to come look for you if you don’t answer, can give you an escape route if the date is failing, and if all is golden, it’s a quick, “Everything’s great, thanks,” before continuing with you awesome dinner.

Watch Your Drink

When it comes to dating safety tips, it’s not just what goes in your drink, but how much comes out of your glass. Of course you know to watch for roofies, but getting tipsy on a date can be just as dangerous. If you’re nervous, purposefully order non-alcoholic drinks so that you don’t risk over-drinking to soothe your nerves. It’ll make you more aware of danger, make you more capable of leaving if things turn south, and at the least, will keep you from making an idiot of yourself.

Don’t Depend on Your Date for Transport
If your high school sweetheart is taking you to prom, picking you up is a nice gestures. Not so with online dating. Be sure to take a bus, drive yourself, or have a friend transport you to and from the date. If the date goes sour, you don’t want to be dependent on them to drop you off where you ask – or rob yourself of a chance to leave with or without their permission.

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