Online Dating Scams You Need to Watch Out For

Internet matches can be a great way to meet “the one” – but it’s also a hotbed for online dating scams that can affect your personal life, your job, and most importantly, your trust. Here are the top signs that you need to watch out for when avoiding dating site scams.

They Want Private Information Too Soon

After a few dates, wanting to know about your family or wanting to add you on Facebook is fair. However, if you haven’t met them yet or only had one date, this is a warning sign. What do they gain from knowing where you live or work? Is that somehow going to improve your relationship right now? The answer is no.

Their Profile Picture Doesn’t Look Legit

Sure, adding a filter or two so you look your best is fair with profile pictures. But you’re in for a dating scam if their picture looks fake or a little too perfect. At this point, try Googling the picture to see where else it appears. If it’s a Facebook page, then you need to be wary since they’re still trying to doctor their photo too much. If you find that picture belongs to a famous model, then odds are it isn’t them. Avoid them and report their profile to the site.

They’re Younger Than You

Age is just a number and love isn’t hindered by it, but it’s a favorite tactic of dating site scammers to pose as someone much younger to get attention.. If you’re contacting by someone who’s several years – even decades – younger than you, be sure to vet their profile and be extra careful when arranging a meeting place. Odds are, you’re in for trouble.

They Tell White Lies

If they say they’re hardly ever on the dating site, yet you can see they have a lot of activity with their profile. They say they’re working out of country but seem strangely up-to-date with local goings-on. Internet dating scammers are persistent but they’re not always smart. If you notice a few inconsistencies in what they tell you or what their profile says, then pass them by – they’re not worth the trouble.

Their Writing Skills Are Poor or Get Worse Over Time

If their first message to you is impeccable, but their second or third is utter garbage in regards to grammar or punctuation, then you might be in for an online dating scam. Often times, scammers won’t make the effort to keep their messages well written, since they’re running several scams at once and don’t have the time. If they are a scammer, they’re showing all the signs. If they’re not, then they might just be stupid and not worth your time.

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