Why Doesn’t He Want to Sleep With Me?

why he doesnt sleep with me

The first thing to mention is that this is a far from uncommon scenario. Males, especially teenagers and twentysomethings, have gained a reputation of being permanently horny. But this is completely misleading. Human beings, even males, are far more complicated than that! So what are the commonest reasons for guys to be in the position of having ‘lost their mojo’? Continue reading

Why Pregame is as Crucial to Sex as the Deed Itself

pregame is as crucial to sex

Of course there’s a time and a place for what is euphemistically but aptly described as a ‘quickie.’ There’s nothing wrong with sneaking off to the restroom during a dull wedding reception in order to let sparks fly for a few moments. But when you find yourself with time on your hands in the privacy of your own bedroom, the more you prolong a pregame the better the grand finale will be. Simply by following a few basic suggestions your mutual arousal will be so acute that getting down to the actual deed will be so much more enjoyable. Here are some foreplay hacks you could take on-board. Continue reading