What do women think about during sex? Do you really want to know it, bub? Guess, you do

sex tips for adult fun

Well, folks, it’s time find the answer to the quite specific but actual question all we, me, ask from time to time: what do our girlfriends (or even wives) think about when we jump their bones. Those, who think that paying attention to things women usually keep in mind when having sex with you is nothing but a pure waste of time, will pay for the serious mistake they make, and the price for their ignorance will be very high. I tell you what, fellas, it’s not a shame to interest in ladies’ “bed thoughts,” it’s a shame to be a selfish jerk concentrated on his very own feelings and sexual needs. Moreover, when you are able to read the thoughts of your sweetheart, it makes your love-making skills more precious, whatever all those pesky mistakes you probably make every time when having adult fun with your girlfriend.

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