5 Unique Places Where To Meet Single Women You Never Thought

If the movies has taught us anything, it’s that you can meet women almost anywhere. We mean like anywhere. Unfortunately, for the real world, it isn’t always that easy – especially if you’re not sure where to meet single women and not get rejected because they don’t want to be bothered.
Well, dear fellow, you’re in luck! We’ve got a collection of some pretty unique, movie-worthy places of where to meet single women; some of them may even have you smacking your head because it’s so obvious! Continue reading

What Turns a Man On? Secrets Revealed

Male sexual fantasy

There are three things you should know about a man’s sexual fantasies. Firstly, they will be unique. Much as guys love exchanging locker room stories, when it comes down to individual preferences these will be very personal. Secondly, for all that they’ll brag about sex, deep down they’ll be more guarded about admitting to you what really turns them on. But lastly, from a woman’s point of view, it should be fairly easy to find out what is most likely to get him hot under the collar.
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