What Other Parts of the Body Should be Part of Your Sexual Anatomy?

Male erogenous zones

The body part of any male most likely to get him turned on is his penis. Performance-enhancing stimulants will provoke an erection purely by channeling a surge of blood to swell the organ, like operating a lever in a machine. There will be other places where touch can bring on feelings of desire, but the male genitalia is pretty much the direct route to putting a smile on a guy’s face.

Female erogenous zones

Women’s genital organs, from the labia minora to the clitoris, are more complicated, requiring a lot more arousal. In fact, there are a host of erogenous zones to explore, even if a large percentage of male explorers tend to rush straight for the breasts or a quick delve below the equator. Flippancy aside, there is a host of sensitive regions in the female anatomy that any partner should spend some time getting acquainted with.


Scientific research has analyzed the reactions of female volunteers when other parts of their bodies were caressed, using a mixture of light touch or more insistent pressure. Among the areas that provoked a positive reaction were the forearm, and inner thighs. It was found that the subjects reacted better to gradual stroking. When vibration tests were applied to the more conspicuous areas – nipples or clitoris – stronger pressure was preferred.


While contacting the mouth and lips will always quicken the pulse, especially if the partner is adept at kissing techniques, fondling the hair, feeling the neck or toying with the ears is also hugely stimulating. The latter are a potent erogenous zone because they contain a large number of nerve endings.


Although few people are likely to be familiar with the scientific term, this refers to the space between the genitalia and the anus. It may not seem like a key area to progress to, compared to what lies immediately in the foreground, but it is laden with nerves that convey sensations of sexual arousal to the brain. Its close proximity to the genitals means sparks of anticipation will be fired to the subject as they await the probing fingers moving further towards more intimate areas.

One of the reasons why subtlety can prove so successful is that there is an element of teasing involved. A woman might lie back, anticipating her partner is going to dwell on her breasts or make their way to the pubic area. After all, stroking the vagina is proven to set off a particular hormone, prolactin, which inspires the same feel-good effect as recreational drugs. But a lover commencing with what might be described as a daring message, rubbing forearms, thighs or the abdomen, is allowing a sense of anticipation to build. Although there’s a time and a place for more direct action, women appreciate it when their hotspots are allowed to simmer gently.

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