Pick Up Advice for Single Men

Guys see desirable girls all the time and although they might fantasize about picking them up, few actually go for it. Here are some tips to give you inspiration.

How to catch her interest

If you’ve seen a gorgeous woman you’d like to pick up, the first thing you need to do is let her know you’re interested. You can do this long before you get as far as any chat-up lines. Keep looking in her direction with casual glances – don’t just stare as that would creep her out. Give a discreet smile now and then.

You want to appear interesting. If you’re in company, make sure she sees your animated side while you banter with friends. But the most important thing is to try and get some one-on-one time. If you see her heading to the bar or hovering by the jukebox, make your way towards her. At this stage you don’t want to blurt out that you’ve been admiring her from afar and really fancy her. Instead indulge in some relaxed chat. If you do happen to be beside a jukebox, musical taste is one thing everyone has in common. You can break the ice by commenting on her choices. If you’re beside her at the bar, suggest a drink to try. Mention a particular wine that goes well with a meal, immediately hinting at a possible dining date. Even better, offer to buy her a drink – if she declines because she’s with friends who are buying rounds, then you could broach the possibility of going for drinks at a later date when it’ll only be the two of you in the round.

Giving compliments

When you’re trying to pick up an attractive girl, one of the best things you can do is to flirt shamelessly. Single women love receiving compliments – but these have to be sincere. It’s not use coming out with something you recently heard in a romcom. It must sound as if it comes from the heart. Tell her how much you love her dress sense, or hairstyle. Admire her perfume – this is an especially useful tip because it gives you an excuse to nuzzle in closer.

There is a fine line between non-cliché opening lines and making it obvious that all you are doing is chatting up. You don’t want to come out with something that she’s undoubtedly heard many times before. Don’t ever ask if she comes her often, and never recite lines from cheesy love songs. If she hears something like ‘Heaven must be missing an angel’ she’ll laugh in your face.

Your chat should sound natural. Use your environment to establish common ground. Find out as much as you can about her, making it obvious you’re interested in the person, not just someone else to hit on. Get her talking about her job, her interests, her favorite meals. Where does she go on holiday? Picking up must never seem forced. It must be a seamless transition after establishing a connection.

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