Why Pregame is as Crucial to Sex as the Deed Itself

pregame is as crucial to sex

Of course there’s a time and a place for what is euphemistically but aptly described as a ‘quickie.’ There’s nothing wrong with sneaking off to the restroom during a dull wedding reception in order to let sparks fly for a few moments. But when you find yourself with time on your hands in the privacy of your own bedroom, the more you prolong a pregame the better the grand finale will be. Simply by following a few basic suggestions your mutual arousal will be so acute that getting down to the actual deed will be so much more enjoyable. Here are some foreplay hacks you could take on-board.


When many couples are caught up in the throes of passion they will get so physical that the whole activity becomes intense. This means that they will rush towards penetration and then end up having satiated their lust in a short space of time. It would be far better to prolong the moment.

The best way to do this is to caress one another, especially those parts of the body where there are sensitive nerve endings near the surface: ears, neck, or behind the genitals and anus. If you’re looking for something more suggestive, the woman should try straddling her partner while he is lying face down, aligning her clitoris with the base of his spine. In this way the mutual stimulation will cause feelings of pleasure to soar through the ceiling. After a prolonged bout of this dynamic activity the natural progression will be for you do ‘dismount’ and for him to swivel around to meet you.


The bathroom is a wonderful location for some preliminary seduction. When your male partner is showering and increasing levels of noise pollution by singing some unidentifiable song, strip off and join him. Take a generous handful of liquid soap and apply his physique, commencing with his back and neck. If he’s tempted to turn towards you, gently nudge him away so that he won’t be able to anticipate your next move. Now work your way down to his scrotum and penis where the chances are he will already be erect, kneading gently. You can even choose to make him ejaculate in this way, as most males won’t be ready to ‘go again’ for about an hour or so, giving you plenty time for foreplay.


Much a penetrative sex appears to be the ultimate goal for lovers, oral pleasure will stoke the fires for much, much longer, especially for women. The thrill for a guy is surrendering to a woman’s touch while she is firmly in control of the motions. For women, having a partner willing to spend time becoming acquainted with her most sensitive areas often means the foreplay becomes far better than the sex itself.

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