Read This! 5 Ways to Get Yourself Ready For Sex With Someone New

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here. When you know you’re about to have sex with someone new for the very first time, it’s going to be a flurry of emotions. You’re going to be excited (naturally!), nervous, anxious, and everything in between. There’s a lot of pressure on you to have a good time, but also to make the experience pleasurable for the other person, too.
We have a few tips on ways to get ready for sex when you’re about to get it on with someone new.

1. Good hygiene is a must!
Look, no one wants to be all up in someone’s business if they smell like rotten cheese or an Italian sub. Do yourself and your soon-to-be bed mate a favor and use good hygiene! This means wear clean clothes, bathe, brush your teeth, trim the nails, and so on. You know, stuff that should be things you do all the time anyway.

2. Be yourself.
You know how we said that you should practice good hygiene? We should probably clarify on that. If you’re not someone who wears cologne or perfume, don’t feel like you have to just to impress someone. If you don’t shave every inch of hair off of your body, you don’t have to! If you aren’t comfortable doing something (waxing the nether region, wearing makeup, or even cutting your hair), then don’t do it. You aren’t going to have a good experience if you feel unlike yourself.

3. Wear sexy (or at least clean) undergarments.

Ladies and gents, while you may not see what people are wearing under their clothing when you first meet, you have to be prepared for the time when those clothes come off! When you’re trying to figure out how to prepare for sex, you can never go wrong by wearing sexy undergarments that make you feel good. That confidence is going to translate into the act and your experience will be so much better.

4. Be mentally prepared.
We like to think that we are ready for having sexy time with someone new, but as we mentioned, it can be terrifying. It doesn’t matter how many people you’ve been with in the past, or how great of a lover you’ve been told you are… The fact of the matter is, everyone is different and that thing you do with your tongue many not work for this new person. You’ve got to be mentally prepared for this new experience. This means you shouldn’t have grand expectations, you shouldn’t focus on what you are or aren’t doing and just go with the flow.

5. Have fun!
One of the most important ways to get yourself ready for sex is to just go with the flow and be ready to have some fun! Sex is meant to be enjoyed and it’s meant to bring two people together, even if it is just for an evening. When you’re able to get out of your head and be in the present, you can better focus on your partner and listen to how they respond to what you’re doing. If they offer suggestions and guide you to what they like, listen to them!

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