A couple of substantial reason your girlfriend may need a Gay Friend.


gay friend for your girlfriend

Yeah, bud, you got that right: a Gay Friend! Sometimes to be in love isn’t enough for your babe to make her feel absolutely happy with her grown-up life. I’m not talking about That Girl You Know spending hopeless hours on full free sex sites for unhappy dudeds or look for “another chance” on quite reliable adult chat sites right after she realized you’re “a good lover but poor friend.” Sometimes you got to spend whole your life, day by day, to understand the way She thinks and what is your place in Her system of values.

Fortunately, very often your babe’s complaint about going steady with such a pill like you are quite easy to understand and even prevent! All you need here is your careful attention + sincere desire to save your relation ++ to be quick to grasp +++ a pinch of “external” experience. Talking about someones experience, it would be very wise of you, folks, to pay your attention to the way gays treat their female friends: believe it or else, but there are lots of tricks you may learn from queers to get The Truth about those small things you usually miss in your romantic relations.

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Things that make gays best friends for girls.

They appreciate chicks’ feminity. In fact, “appreciate” could be easily replaced by “envy:” some gay-dudes report high level of jealousy when they talk about their female friends who have regular sexual life full of positive experience. To be more specific, men with alternative sexual preferences admire the very women’s ability to conquer men’s hearts. In it’s turn that arouses sincere interest to dames which start the same sincere friendship (as a rule.)

Queerie one will never break girl’s heart. Hope, it’s all clear here.

A woman doesn’t need to change a lot to stay with a gay. I would call it “uniqueness exchange:” both parts in this kind of friendship has something to share AND get with/from each other. To make it short, a girl remains the same unique and free in her opinion as she was before making friends with a homosexual guy. Ain’t that sweet?!

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