Is Sex on a First Date a Relationship Killer?

It’s hard to ever know what to expect when going into a first date. There’s always a chance it could be a flop, but it’s a lot more enjoyable when you hit it off. So you’ve met a great guy online and agree to a date with him. You’ve met up and immediately there’s a connection; what kind of connection remains to be seen, but right from the beginning, there’s chemistry. A physical chemistry that makes you want to head straight to the bedroom. Is it a good idea?

Get a Feel of the Situation
Sex on a first date isn’t for everybody. The most important thing when it comes to deciding is being able to tell that you’re both on the same page. If one of you isn’t interested in hooking up then you have to put the brakes on right then and there. You have to make sure you’re a couple of consenting adults before going any farther and the only way to do that is to talk it out. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks having a conversation about sex ruins the mood for it. It’s more important to be mature about the concept, and there is nothing sexier than resounding and enthusiastic consent.

It’s Okay to Just Have Fun
It’s your first date. No one in the world knows exactly where a relationship is going based on a first date alone. Whether you’re looking for something serious or not, if both of you are feeling a draw to the bedroom, it’s perfectly okay to act on that. For a lot of people, sex is a big aspect of a relationship. If it’s not so good, then the relationship might not be worth continuing. If it’s stellar, then it’s a physical way you connect well and opens your mind more to looking for more mental, emotional, and romantic connections as well.

If you’re looking for something strong and long term, the first date sex is amazing, and your partner feels you were ‘too easy’ or calls the relationship off right from the beginning, then take solace in the fact that they were not who you were looking for in the first place.

Go with Your Gut
Whether or not you want to have sex on a first date always needs to be the call of yourself and your partner together. If one of you doesn’t want it, then it’s not happening. But no matter what, you know yourself best and the feelings you’re getting from the first date. If that leads to a bedroom? Wonderful. If not, there’s no harm done. When it’s all said and done, be attentive to your partner, be safe, and have fun!

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