Relationship Memes Warns Us That Something Ain’t Right In the Homeland

relationship memes
It seems creative minds all have something in common and that is a sense of humor. While the discovery of the internet and online dating is a beautiful thing, it’s filled with relationship issues, problems and solutions. It only makes sense to poke fun at the silly things we say and do. How do they do it? In the form of a relationship meme, of course.

Who’s idea was this anyway?
The meme is Richard Dawkins’ idea and it transforms an ordinary picture into a comical but thought provoking masterpiece. It uses words to help describe a picture and a specific thought as well as support various cultures and behaviors. Pretty cool, right? Apparently so because there are hundreds of fresh cougar dating memes posted daily, primarily by the twenty something crowd. They are the Millennials who make this stuff up as well.

Most memes make us laugh out loud and sometimes, they make us cry, especially, if we are the butt in the meme. Funny dating memes about love are not particularly funny at the time, but they could end up being the most popular 1st date meme ever made.

Meme’s get around
Since the days of Facebook, Twitter and Google, thousands of funny dating memes are transmitted every day. Oh, and just so you know, the word meme is not pronounced like Mimi, rather it is more like meem, so why didn’t he just spell it that way? Who knows, but it’s cute just the same. Actually, it comes from a Greek word, mimema which it to imitate something. Nonetheless, the Baby Boomers are giving it a go and are doing well with it though it has evolved throughout the years.

At the same time, some of the memes target a particular group of people such as the lesbian dating meme or the Christian dating meme. And on that note, let’s take a look at a few more examples:

Cute dating memes
Who would have thought that when grams and pawpaw took the family picture, it would be voted cute dating memes of all time? Capturing those off-guard moments make a lifetime of laughter possible. Technology, you something else.

Black relationship memes
It’s not surprising that media sources are contagious, spitting out hilarious my dating life meme photos. Tyler Perry is a popular go-to for a flood of kmsl shots.

Single meme for guys
I saw a joke the other day, a hot date meme as a matter of fact, on that rings true not only for a boat load of single men but for me as well. Who makes this stuff up? They just ain’t right.

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