Hot tips on Shag dating site: there are lots of ways to say your boyfriend you love him

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It is widely believed that words of love are too precious to be used in addition to certain moments only, which, in most cases, means that the best places for casting “I Love You” spell are bedrooms, romantic places or use-proven online sex websites. What a load of baloney!

These days, just like hundreds years ago, most lovers use their creativity and hot feelings to express their love to their current life companions via “unorthodox” ways. Sure thing, attempts to strengthen existing sexual connection between two loving hearts can’t explain that drive for “informal” feelings expression. Oh no, babes! The most common reason why do people “act sweet” in romantic relations is that all they want to keep romance alive and show their true feeling to people they really care about.

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Which is also important, regular feelings expressions is common for both men and women, so, if you, dear ladies, are used to consider your men as rather thick-skinned creatures unable to feel the difference between “I love you” and “I want you” and don’t care too much about showing up your love, the following tips will help you to remind your Romeo that his Juliette is fathoms deep in love with him:

Giving sentimental non-holiday gifts is a good way to tell your boyfriend that you love him. It can be the cheapest thing in the whole world, but it’s meaning for your love mate is really hard to overestimate, believe it or not.

Love texting is perfect when your boyfriend is far away from you. That’s right, sending short sweet messages to him is a lovely game you can play every day to keep your love alive.

Try to share his interest in his close friends. This one is pretty tough, but good-old love-me-love-my-dog concept still rules, no matter how you explain it. Besides, having common friends can make your wee-ends full of sincere fun.

Perhaps, the greatest gift able to emphasize your feelings is your trust. Trust makes you confident which, in it’s turn, make your man appreciate your personality (I mean it!), so give him some space to feel that your love isn’t just a bag of jealousy and pure passion; try to make your relations as free as possible to catch new shades of a multifaceted feeling called Love.

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