Love me, love my beard. Sensible reasons to grow a beard to the very next date

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Here’s a question for your, dearest local sex hookups devotee: what is the most important part of your body that makes chicks get their kicks from? Oh c’mon, don’t give up without even trying! Just think a bit and you’ll see that right answer is somewhere around. Ok, bud, I see it’s too tough for you; let me handle it for you: the most precious part of your body you just can’t do without whatever you do is… your brain. To be more specific, it isn’t brain itself but the way you actually use it to solve everyday tasks; a sort of narrow-minded creativity all we use from time to time.

So, what is the most common way of using brains for nsa sex dating? It depends on the main prize you want to win in your current short-term relations. Anyway, sensible solutions provided by your “stationary CPU” in most cases help you to get all the adult fun you can find in the exciting world of modern adult dating! In this regard the craziest ideas sometimes are the most successful ones. For instance: if you want to catch your girlfriend’s attention OR find a chick for a night you can… grow a beard. Yeah, you got that right: although it may sound weird but your hairy puss may look pretty attractive for the whole bunch of hot dames. In other words, unusual tactics based on ruined stereotypes allows you to succeed!

Let’s get back to beards-&-dating, shall we? It appears that men’s face hair can be considered as a powerful aphrodisiac able to add a zest to gents’ sexual life. And not only that: modern scientists state that beard is able to keep your face young-looking as well as provide a sort of cosmetic benefits (make your jaw line look sharp and strong, hide pimples, etc.) As for other reasons to grow some hair on your face, feel free to pick one you prefer the most from the following list:

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Beard provides excellent UV protection. Not so long ago we got fresh news from scholars living and working in sunny Australia: it appeared that hair on your face is able to block about 95% of UV rays which, in it’s turn, keeps your skin young and wrinkles-free! In other words, hairy mask is the best solution that keeps your face cool-looking. Besides, it’s absolutely natural and harmless!

Ladies may like your “mature style.” Just like in prehistoric times, some modern women prefer to deal with “genuine” males when it comes to rolling in hay. According to evolutionary biology, hairy chin is a sure sign of a male who has no problems with a testosterone level. “Hiya, toots! Lookin’ for a Real Man?” – something like that…

Your beard is a caution sign for potential rivals. Now, “vegetation” on your cheeks and chin makes you look very serious (in most cases) which makes human females feel crazy about you AND scare away potential freeloaders looking for easy prey. Your courageous face is like a neon sign for them: “Don’t mess with me, cause I’m too tough for you, lad!”

All that hair, your beard consists of, makes very sensitive tool for a joyful foreplay. Just like cat’s whiskers, thin hair of your “ornamentation” is very sensitive… You know what I mean, don’t ya? 😉

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