Small obvious things women expect us to do when it comes to sex dating


Do you like local sex dates? What a silly question, indeed! Of course, you do! Well, in this case you have to know that success in local dating depends on very many small things every Don Juan needs to consider in order to conquer the heart of an innocent and credulous ninny. Ok-ok, women just allow us, men, to fool their honey hearts in order to enjoy the forbidden fruits one-night-stand offers to millions of adult desperados 24/7.

Seriously, small things mean a lot for gaining sweet & positive experience in adult dating sex, so every time you should consider every last detail when dealing with a potential sex mate for a night. I know, no-strings relations dispose to negligence (some too-hot-to-think folks usually skip a few very important points in sexual games, and get a lot of disappointment instead of adult fun), but if you really want to enjoy “the game,” make your experience work for you: take your time, explore your sex partner’s body, do all those sweet trifles all chicks appreciate so much. What are those trifles? Oh c’mon, you know what I’m talking about! Though, I think I need to refresh your memory, laddie:

Tell her what you “really” think about her beauty. You got it right, pal: make her believe you are sincere when you’re talking about her sexy body, deep blue/brown/grey eyes, soft-and-silky hair, etc. Every girl loves to hear how sweet she is, especially, when it comes from you – her current Prince Charming.

Don’t skip foreplay! Remember, lassies need more time to warm up their sex drives, so make some time for a tender in-bed game before the very love making.

Take control in bed but don’t get rude. This one is really hard to do, but try to guess what your sex mate really wants: some tender-looking chicks may want you to grab ’em handful and give ’em a proper f#ck. Yup, appearance can be delusive, so make your sexy partner show her real face before you start. How? Just don’t skip foreplay!
Make sure your sweethearts feels good in bed with you. If you want to play a jerk, you may try the following trick: cum and leave her to cool slowly. I bet, the next thing you’ll get right after that will be a good punch on your nose in combo with a couple of “strong words!” Seriously, guys, having adult fun requires two partners which means both of you get satisfaction. So, don’t be a pig and try to hold a bit longer to let her reach the top of the world with you!

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