5 obvious signs sex/lust is the main value of your relations

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Well, folks, don’t know about you but when it comes to creating a couple (once again!) with a nice looking chick I would like to know what exactly I want to get from new relations, and know it for sure! Let me explain it to you: people often confuse romance and lust which may lead to rather unpleasant imponderables. Let me explain what I mean. Suppose you met a girl “of your kind” on a free sex dating site; a girls who was looking for come-and-go sex partner just to have a lovely time tonight. So far so good, eh? Suddenly you realize that you want to get something more long-lasting from your sexy fairy: you want her to be your one and only “permanent girlfriend”, not just a fuck buddy! As for her, she doesn’t really think you’re that Prince Charming she’d love to spend the rest of her life with; it’s not that you’re good enough just for nsa sex, not at all, you just… aren’t a boy of her dreams. Problema!

Every year thousands of adult men all over the world can’t understand pretty obvious difference between love (the way of living) and lust (just a strong sexual desire for another come-and-go chick); every year they pay for that confusion with their broken hearts. What a drama! On the other hand, it’s no trouble at all for you to sort the wheat from the chaff, isn’t it? Ok, just to make sure you got everything right, I give five most common signs your romantic relations are based on pure lust, not love:

Sex is the only reason that keeps you close to each other. In fact, every time you meet you’re not interested in having quality time with each other, you do everything you can to take off your clothing and have proper adult fun again and again. Lust? Aha! Love? I don’t think so.

Sweet moments of intimacy go without intimacy. When we are filled with passion, we don’t actually care about the way out sex partners feel. Moreover, it’s absolutely OK to share our “happiness” with other people: let everybody see we’re in “love!” In this regard public sex or smooching to the view can be considered as absolutely natural and healthy feeling.

Commitment… What a punk word is that? Still, true romance can’t do without commitment. As for relations based on pure lust, they are all about satisfaction your primeval need in sex. Yeah, it’s that easy!
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The way she looks means more that the way she feels. They say, true love doesn’t need an accelerator. Fair enough, but it’s hard to consider details like that when you’re obsessed with sexual desire just because your turtledove looks extra hot tonight. In other words, when you are focused on physical beauty of your Princess, and nothing but physical beauty, it means your Ocean of Romance is too shallow for the Boat of Long-Term Happiness.

You don’t actually want your relations to last long, i.e., it’s hard (or even impossible) to you to imagine you’re still a couple in a year or two. This lack of prospects in your current relations is a sure sign your “love” won’t last long. No worries though: just enjoy your time and take as much pleasures from this “false” romance as you can!

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