Sexual Slangs and Terms You Never Knew You Needed to Know

sexual words list

The English language is an incredibly complex and fascinating thing. There are so many different words and phrases for everything, it’s always fun when you learn a new word and can incorporate it into your vocabulary! If there’s one thing people who love words and sex can appreciate, it’s probably going to be our sexual words list!

The next time you’re sexting, add some of these words and phrases into the fray and really impress!

Sexual Words

1. Fap – If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ve seen fap used. This word is an onomatopoeic representation of men stroking their junk.

2. Flirtationship – When you’re flirting back and forth with someone, but neither of you act on those flirts. Talk about a missed opportunity!

3. Manther – A male cougar.

4. Masterwait – It sucks so hard when you want to masturbate but you have to wait for one reason or another – your partner is lecturing you, you’re stuck in traffic, porn video is buffering… Whatever!

5. Masturnap – Whether it is planned or not, this is what you call falling asleep after you rub one out.

6. Pornocchio – Liar. Liar pants on fire! If you embellish your sexual escapades, then you’re a lot like Pinocchio!

7. Sexorcism – When you sleep with someone new in the hopes of getting over an ex. Awwwww.

8. Sporking – This is what you call spooning with someone who’s erection is jabbing you.

Sexual Phrases

1. Dick Inches – This is in reference to the extra inches some men add to the size of their penis.

2. Fling Cleaning – Forget Spring cleaning – fling cleaning is what you do when you quickly clean up your room before your hookup comes over.

3. Fuckit List – Instead of a bucket list of things you want to do before you die, a fuckit list is for people you want to have in bed before you kick the bucket.

4. Making the Beast with Two Backs – This is a metaphor that describes two people bumping uglies during the missionary position.

5. Netflix and Chill – While this isn’t new, it is still a goodie. Basically you ask someone over to watch Netflix, but you really intend to get it on.

6. Ninja Sex – If you’ve gone to university or you’ve had roommates, you’ve probably had ninja sex a few times. This is when you’re getting it on but you have to be extra quiet so that you don’t wake your sleeping roomie.

7. Playing for the Other Team – This insinuates that you’re homosexual.

8. Road Bone – This is what happens that leads to masturwaiting when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s an unwanted boner when you’re traveling.

9. Running the Bases – This often is used to refer to young people who are coming into their sexuality and are in the experimentation phases.

10. Tinder Glow – You know when you meet someone on Tinder who looks better in their picture than in person? They’ve got that Tinder Glow going on.
What are some of the odd slangs and words you’ve heard or used that refer to getting down and dirty? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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