St. Valentine wants you to be her best Mr. Romance ever!

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Well what do you know, folks! St. Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s about time to make up your minds concerning the best Lovers Fest present, isn’t it? Maybe sí, maybe not. As a matter of fact, February 14 is not only the best day to make declarations of eternal love, oh no, babes! For such a couch potato like me and a few millions of my like-minders all over the globe St. V-Day is nothing but a great chance to get the most pleasurable adult hookups. It’s the stark realities of modern adult life: international Day of Love is the best time for most adult sex finders browsing the Web for hot adventures.

“Traditional surprises” all we secretly love.

Now, suppose you behaved well previous year and now you got the most lovely girlfriend you could dream of as a reward for being such a Good Boy. As soon as your sweet qeenie is The Most Lovely Heavens’ Gift (just maybe!) for you, she wouldn’t insist on Valentine’s Day gifts. Still, tradition is tradition which means you need to pick up a symbol of your love and give it to your turtledove. Fortunately for you, bud, the range of SVD surprises is really impressive. Let’s see, what are the most “common” of them:

A trip for two to Paris. Indeed, what could be better than visiting the Capital of Romance to pay your respect to her tender feelings? But let me ask you, laddie: is your wallet thick enough to afford such a royal gift? If your answer is “Yes!” your girlfriend is lucky with such a nice love mate as you. If not, just go with it! After all, you still got some time to make your own apartments look like the most romantic hall of Louvre!

Diamonds which make the best girls’ friends. It’s hard to say it to you, my piggy-in-love but many dames consider gems to be better life mates than even the most awesome looking men. Nuff said…

A proposal. Will-you-marry-me question is one of the most marketable SV gifts for 85-90% of woman-beings. Especially when it comes with a bonus that looks like a diamond ring! Caution: go slow, fellas! Presents like this belong to category of gifts that may cause unpredictable consequences. Just think: she may sincerely believe you mean what you say! Man, it gives me shivers to think of it…

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“Cheap but priceless” – the best choice for a loving heart.

IMHO, the best gifts your girlfriend may get from you tomorrow is something that may cost a nickel but in the same time it may be very private love confession you could ever make to her. I’m talking about sweet trifles that reflect your true feelings and intentions concerning your mutual future; things like these:

sincere words of your heart presented as a homemade greeting card;
romantic dinner/massage/bath/picnic;
small gifts basket (choco hearts/bickies or something like that);
her fave mix CD;
romantic ringtone for her iPhone.

Whatever the gift you give her This Day, make sure it contains a portion of the Great Love that lives inside your heart; make Her feel she means everything for you in this world!

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