Why Swinging Can be a Good Idea for Your Relationship

how swinging can be good for relationship

Swinging is one of the ultimate expressions of sexual liberation, hankering back to the days of lustful Roman orgies. But surely it’s only an eccentric minority who are involved in this activity today? What exactly is swinging? And is it wrong to dismiss this behavior out of hand?

To address the latter point first, of course it would be wrong to take a puritan stance on something that many fully consenting adults get a lot of pleasure out of. In a society straightjacketed by public mores and archaic definitions of morality, there can still be a tendency to judge people who stray from the norm, especially anyone who would consider indulging in group sex.

Rules of swinging

Because swingers are often in what could be defined as ‘normal’ monogamous relationships, it is the very act of openly seeking sex with complete strangers that gives swinging its connotations of seediness. But here’s the important point. To the participants, swinging is a natural pastime. Just because partners spend a fair amount of time having sex with people aside from their significant other does not have the slightest effect on their true feelings. Swingers can still remain deeply in love.

While there is no written constitution for swinging there are certain rules that are vigorously applied. The protagonists must show respect for each other at all times. Given the degree of promiscuity it is in everyone’s interests that safe sex is practiced, with regular checking for STDs. Swingers can be entirely discerning about whom they choose to stray from their marital bed with. If they attend clubs or parties, they will never be coerced into sex with anyone they don’t want to.

How swinging works

This activity opens up a whole world of possibilities. A swinging couple can be as adventurous as they want with new partners. Perhaps a husband is always tired, or recovering from an operation or injury. A woman might be refraining from sex after giving birth. For whatever reason, consensual sex with different people works for many people. It could allow tips to be gleaned from more adventurous lovers.

A common question asked is how does swinging affect a marriage? As long as the two people understand what they are letting themselves in for, showing respect to the respective third parties at all times, then no harm is done. Previously, if either partner wished to satisfy unfulfilled sexual needs, they would embark on affairs, or pay a sex worker. Swinging has far fewer risks, allowing couples to let off sexual steam without it costing anything.

The one note of caution for any couple embarking on this pastime is that strict privacy is advised. The subject remains taboo, so family members or friends could be impacted. But with appropriate discretion, immense fun can be had.

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